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Shortcode allows you to insert a script within the content section of your post or page. WordPress will execute the script. Shortcodes are extremely flexible and allow you to place content from a plugin. Our developers’ design Image Hover Effects Ultimate with a very handy Shortcode generator.


Using Shortcode Within Posts/Pages/Plugins

After adding a style and upload an image for making the hovered item you can generate the Shortcodes for your site post or page.


⇒As you can see below on the right bottom side of the editor page the Shortcodes area exists. You can copy this code and paste it anywhere on your website to get the effect.

⇒To work with the Shortcode within a page or post, copy the code and go to Posts or Pages and Click on the Add New button. Then Paste the Shortcode that you copied and hit Publish.

That’s all! Now you can see your added hover item to your post or page!


⇒And if you want to see the whole list of Shortcode on Image Hover, then navigate Image Hover>Shortcode like below,

You’ll be able to see all the information on each Shortcode.


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