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Thanks a lot for liking our plugin and go through it. Let’s see how to upgrade Image Hover Effects Ultimate Free to Pro…


Once you go one step ahead and make a purchase of our Image Hover Effects Ultimate, you’ll need to upgrade the free version into Pro. You can upgrade your free version into a pro by following two easy steps. Here below, you’ll learn both:


1. Product Activation License:

The first method is by activating the license key. Whenever you make a purchase you’ll get the Software License code. If you are using a free version of Image Hover Effects Ultimate, you don’t need to activate the license. But if you are about to use the Pro version, follow the steps below :


⇒Getting your License Key:

    1. In the case of our plugins, first of all, you’ll need to register for joining us.
    2. Then, Log in to the Oxilab Account by signing in and make a purchase of any of our plugin you like.
    3. Now once you successfully purchase a plugin or upgrade one, navigate My Account >Downloads. Here, You will see your purchase history.
    4. Now, Click on “View Licenses” for your product. Select and copy the license key.


⇒Activating the License:

    1. Navigate Image Hover> Settings> Product License Activation
    2. Enter the Product Key and click the Save Changes button.
    3. After saving the activation code Click on the Active License button to Activate the plugin into a pro.

After upgrading the plugin by activating the product license you’ll be able to get direct plugin updates and essential official support and much more.


2. Installing the Pro Version

Another method of switching the Pro version is to install the ‘Pro’ file directly from the dashboard. Follow the steps below:


⇒Removing the Free version from the Dashboard:

    1. First, Uninstall the free version from the Installed Plugins
    2. And then, delete the file from the directory.

⇒Get the Premium File:

    1. Navigate My Account >Downloads. Here, You will see your purchase history.
    2. Now, Click on “View Details and Downloads” for your product. You’ll be redirected to the plugin details page where you’ll find the link to download the Plugin file.
    3. Click on the link and download the Pro version of the plugin file.

Note: You can get access to the Downloadable Premium plugin file only if you successfully make the purchase. We don’t provide the Premium file of the plugin to any non-paid user.


⇒Installing the Premium File:

Now, you need to just install the pro version directly from your dashboard. Follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to Plugins> Add New
    2. Click on the Upload Plugin button on top of the page
    3. Now, click on the Choose File button and select the zip file of the Image Hover Effects Pro Plugin which you downloaded before.
    4. After you’ve selected the file, you need to click on the Install Now button.
    5. After installation is finished, simply click on the ‘Activate’ button.

After activating the plugin, you will be redirected to the Image Hover Effects Ultimate plugin page.

That’s all. Your plugin just upgraded to Pro! Now you can enjoy unlimited fun!



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