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In this settings area, you can play with the text style, size, and colors. You can select the font-family, customize the heading, description, and bottom text style, color, size, position, and so on. Many things you can do with your content here. So let’s start…


First, expand the Typography settings by clicking on the setting icon beside the Typography menu.

Then you’ll find a bunch of typography options that are briefly discussed below:


1. Choose font-family

From this option, you can choose your preferred font based on the google font-family.

  • Got to the option “Font-family”
  • Select your preferred font.

2. Font Size

Here, by using this option, you can customize the Font Size of the texts for different dimensions.

  • Go to the option “Size”
  • Set a value for the size in 3 dimensions. You can set the value on PX, EM, REM, or VM version.

3. Weight

This option is for customizing font-weight. You can customize the font-weight of the content Or you can select the weight in the default size or style.

4. Transform

Transform the font to make text appear in all-uppercase or all-lowercase, or with each word capitalized. Or you can set this as default.


5. Decoration

Decorate the text by adding underline, overline, or line through. You can also select the None option when you don’t want to add any decoration to your texts, or simply select the default.


6. Text Align

Set the title text-align either left, center, or right for different dimensions.


7. Line Height

Customize the exact line-height of your texts on the image hover for different dimensions. Here, you can set the value of the multiple line title or long description. You can set it on PX or EM version.


8. Letter Spacing

Not only line height you can control, but also you have full control over letter spacing. Here, using this option, you can set a value for the letter spacing in different dimensions.



Things to keep in mind

You should see the dynamic page load responsiveness of our plugin this far. You don’t need to reload the page to see such major changes in Preview. But the important thing is, you’ll need to save the changes to avoid unexpected data loss.

So, before manually Reload the page, make sure you Save the change!




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