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Customize the Border

You can customize the border and add the color around the image hover content and the button. First, expand the settings by clicking on the setting icon beside the Border menu. Then start editing the border from border type to border-radius. Let’s see them separately:

Border Type

Select a border type from the list according to your preference. And then set the border width for the top, right, bottom, and left of the image hover content and button for different dimensions. You can link the values together or customize them individually.


Border Color

After adding the border type and width, add a custom color to the border. Make sure you add the value to the border up to 1 PX/EM to effectively apply the color on it.



Border Radius

From this option, you can radius your border manually. If you want to make a circular border, set a radius value of 100 PX. The more you want your border to be square, the lessen your value of the radius.



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